Maybe it's a millennial thing but I feel like I've been hearing about bullet journals (or #bujos if you're on the internet) for so long now. The idea (in my own words) is that it's a place for all of your lists, goals, and ideas to be in one place. I have friends who are far more artsy than I who use it as a bit of a catch-all. Theirs are full of lists but also memories, photos, and quotes. I loved it but didn't think it was for me - it seemed like a lot to keep up with. 

I started tracking what books I was reading in 2013 and have kept a notebook specifically for my lists since. I knew that I loved tracking bookish things and figured that would be something I could actually keep up with. I followed my friends' lead and bought a leughtturm1917. This is the one I have - I love how bright the yellow is! Now, I had space to track not just what I'd actually read but keep lists and organizers of other things - books I wanted to get through, how many fiction vs. non I've read in a year, etc. I don't feel like there's a ton out there in relation to bookish spreads specifically, so I'm hoping that as more people start using a bullet journal for books, we can all share ideas. 


I absolutely love it! All of my bookish things are in one place and it's an excuse for my washi tape addiction. I personally love using felt tip pens. These are my favorite - I love the size small! And the mildliners come in the very best colors. 

I'm learning as I go but I've loved having another creative outlet for all things books. Can't wait to see what you come up with and make sure to use #bujoforbooklovers so we can see! Happy reading and bullet journaling.