Fingerprints of Previous Owners

Today I'm a stop on the book tour for Fingerprints of Previous Owners. Thanks TLC Book Tours for providing this copy. All opinions my own. 

From Amazon: At a Caribbean resort built atop a former slave plantation, Myrna works as a maid by day; by night she trespasses on the resort’s overgrown inland property, secretly excavating the plantation ruins the locals refuse to acknowledge. Myrna's mother has stopped speaking and her friends are focused on surviving the present, but Myrna is drawn to Cruffey Island's violent past. With the arrival of Mrs. Manion, a wealthy African-American, also comes new information about the history of the slave-owner’s estate and tensions finally erupt between the resort and the local island community. Suffused with the sun-drenched beauty of the Caribbean, Fingerprints of Previous Owners is a powerful novel of hope and recovery in the wake of devastating trauma. In her soulful and timely debut, Entel explores what it means to colonize and be colonized, to trespass and be trespassed upon, to be wounded and to heal.


I was immediately intrigued upon hearing about this book. The topic in combination with perspective offered seemed right up my alley. That said, I had the hardest time getting into this book. The first chapter made me feel so disoriented and it was really hard to understand what exactly I was reading. I appreciate the authors research and willingness to explore such a weighty topic but I had a difficult time connecting with any of the characters or feeling invested in the story. I appreciated the concept of the story but the execution fell a bit flat. I had pretty high hopes for this one and overall, it missed the mark. It wasn't for me but I can see that others might appreciate it more. If you've read this, I'd love to chat!