November Wrap Up

Happy December 1st! I can't believe it's already December. I'm so excited for Christmas but feeling a little nostalgic that the year is already ending. I won't lie, my days feel pretty monotonous sometimes, but I look back and see just how good this year has been. Cue all of my sentimental feelings about the end of a calendar year. 

This month I've gotten into a new routine of actually leaving the speech room for lunch. I have a few co-workers who also like to read during their lunch break so it's been nice to have some camaraderie in that. Overall, I finished seven books this month! Two historical fiction, two middle grade, one magical realism, and two contemporary fiction. It was a wonderful month of reading and I'm eager to round out 2017 with some incredible books. 


Not pictured are I Was Anastasia (currently being loaned out) and The Alice Network (library book).

I absolutely loved Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance and was so fascinated with I Was Anasastia. If you like magical realism or historical fiction, definitely add them to your list! Many thanks to Flatiron Books, Doubleday Books, Berkley Publishing, and Ruth Emmie Lang for sending books my way! 

What was the best thing you read this month? Anything I should definitely try to read in December? Happy reading everyone!